Package org.dillenburg.pictureframe

Interface Summary
MailStatus Gets or sets status of mail retrieval to persistent store
SlideshowListener Listens for events from a Slideshow

Class Summary
CenteredPictureLayout Center a single image on the screen.
LeftRightPictureLayout Paint two pictures side-by-side.
MailDownloader Check a mail folder for pictures and copy any attachments to a local folder.
MailStatusImpl Persists the last message scanned in a imap folder.
PictureFrame Displays pictures in a directory.
PictureLayout Base class for all picture layout sub-classes.
Slideshow Displays a slideshow giving a directory of files to display.
SlideshowEvent Information about an event from a Slideshow.
TopBottomPictureLayout Draw two picture file one above the other.

Enum Summary
SlideshowEventType Type of slide show event.

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