addListener(SlideshowListener) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
Add a listener to my events


CenteredPictureLayout - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Center a single image on the screen.
CenteredPictureLayout(File) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.CenteredPictureLayout
Centered layout with the given image file.
checkForPictures() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
Check for pictures and return number downloaded.


getAspect() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.ImageInfo
getDelay() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
getDimension() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.ImageInfo
getDirectory() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
getDisplayDownloadedPicturesInterval() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
getEventType() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowEvent
getFile() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.ImageInfo
getFile() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowEvent
getFiles() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.CenteredPictureLayout
getFiles() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.LeftRightPictureLayout
getFiles() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureLayout
Get all files to be drawn by this layout.
getFiles() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.TopBottomPictureLayout
getHost() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
getLastMessageIndex() - Method in interface org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailStatus
getLastMessageIndex() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailStatusImpl
getMailCheckFrequency() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
getMailDownloader() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
getMbox() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
getOutputFolder() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
getPassword() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
getProtocol() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
getRemoteDirectory() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
getRescanFrequency() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
getSlideshow() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
getSlideshow() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowEvent
getSynchronizationFrequency() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
getUser() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader


ImageInfo - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
ImageInfo(File) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.ImageInfo
isHideCursor() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
isRandomize() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
isRecursive() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow


LeftRightPictureLayout - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Paint two pictures side-by-side.
LeftRightPictureLayout(File, File) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.LeftRightPictureLayout
Paint the given two pictres side-by-side.


MailDownloader - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Check a mail folder for pictures and copy any attachments to a local folder.
MailDownloader(String, String, String) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
Create and start up the mail to picture frame daemon
MailStatus - Interface in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Gets or sets status of mail retrieval to persistent store
MailStatusImpl - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Persists the last message scanned in a imap folder.
MailStatusImpl() - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailStatusImpl
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
Runs the application using the MailDownloader.checkForPictures() method.
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
Parse command line arguments and start up picture frame.
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
Start up the slide show.


org.dillenburg.pictureframe - package org.dillenburg.pictureframe


paint(Graphics2D, Dimension) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.CenteredPictureLayout
paint(Graphics2D, Dimension) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.LeftRightPictureLayout
paint(Graphics2D, Dimension) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureLayout
Paint the image files onto the given graphics canvas with the overall size given.
paint(Graphics2D, Dimension) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.TopBottomPictureLayout
PictureFrame - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Displays pictures in a directory.
PictureFrame(String, Slideshow, MailDownloader) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
Start up picture frame with remoteDirectory, slideshowDirectory and mailDirectory.
PictureLayout - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Base class for all picture layout sub-classes.
PictureLayout() - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureLayout


removeListener(SlideshowListener) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
Remove a listener


scaleAndCenterWithin(Graphics2D, Rectangle, BufferedImage) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureLayout
Scale and center an image within a rectangle.
setDelay(long) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
setDirectory(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
Set the directory to scan for .jpg or .JPG images.
setDisplayDownloadedPicturesInterval(long) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
setHideCursor(boolean) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
setHost(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
setLastMessageIndex(int) - Method in interface org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailStatus
Set last message retrieved
setLastMessageIndex(int) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailStatusImpl
setMailCheckFrequency(long) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
setMailDownloader(MailDownloader) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
setMbox(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
setOutputFolder(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
setPassword(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
setProtocol(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
setRandomize(boolean) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
setRecursive(boolean) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
setRemoteDirectory(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
setRescanFrequency(long) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
setSlideshow(Slideshow) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
setSynchronizationFrequency(long) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
setUser(String) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.MailDownloader
shutdown(SlideshowEvent) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
shutdown(SlideshowEvent) - Method in interface org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowListener
The user hit ESC to shutdown slideshow
slideDisplayed(SlideshowEvent) - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
slideDisplayed(SlideshowEvent) - Method in interface org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowListener
A slide was just displayed
Slideshow - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Displays a slideshow giving a directory of files to display.
Slideshow(String) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
Create a slide show of the pictures in the given directory.
SlideshowEvent - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Information about an event from a Slideshow.
SlideshowEvent(Slideshow, File, SlideshowEventType) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowEvent
Initialize with slide show, file displayed and event type.
SlideshowEventType - Enum in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Type of slide show event.
SlideshowListener - Interface in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Listens for events from a Slideshow
start() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.PictureFrame
Start picture frame.
start() - Method in class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.Slideshow
Start the slideshow


TopBottomPictureLayout - Class in org.dillenburg.pictureframe
Draw two picture file one above the other.
TopBottomPictureLayout(File, File) - Constructor for class org.dillenburg.pictureframe.TopBottomPictureLayout
Draw top given pictures on on top of the other.


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowEventType
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum org.dillenburg.pictureframe.SlideshowEventType
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they're declared.


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