jPictureFrame is a lightweight Java library and application that allows you to display a slideshow on a homemade digital picture frame. Requires a home brew picture frame that has Java installed on it. I built two such picture frames for my in-laws and parents. Installed Fedora Core linux on them, added a wireless PCMIA card, and am now able to e-mail or just copy pictures to the frames.

Features include:

It can be run from the command line or embedded in another Java application. Here's the command line arguments:

Usage: java -jar jpictureframe-0.2.jar [options] directory
 -cursor                   Show mouse cursor/pointer
 -flat                     Stops scanning of all sub-directories for image
                           files (i.e., not recursive)
 -help                     Print this message
 -mailhost      Mail host name or ip address
 -mailpause        Milliseconds to display pictures downloaded
                           from mail host.  Pictures are scaled and moved to (-directory) afterwards
 -ordered                  Stops shuffle of pictures so they are displayed
                           in same order as in file system
 -password            Mail password
 -pause            Milliseconds to pause between pictures during
 -pop3                     Use pop3 protocol instead of imap
 -remotedirectory    Remote directory to sync with local slideshow
                           directory (-directory)
 -scaninterval     How often to rescan slideshow directory for new
                           files in milliseconds
 -user                Mail user name